Lacey says she is contemplating getting a restraining order against her sister, Krystal, who she claims is unstable, drinks too much, and has made threats against her and their parents.

“It feels as though my sister doesn’t have any compassion or empathy for me,” says Krystal, who claims that Lacey is jealous and controlling. She says they haven’t spoken for the last six months.

Krystal admits she has relied “heavily” on drugs and alcohol for the past three-and-a-half years but claims she is now getting her life together. When Dr. Phil asks her to explain a recent arrest in which she was charged with traffic offenses, possession of a controlled substance, open-container, and evidence-destroying, how does Krystal respond?

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And later, what does Krystal say happened to her that she claims caused her to develop “severe” PTSD?

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