Jaden says her older sister Marcedes is “crazy” and a “drama queen.”

“I am so sick of her lying, it’s pathetic,” Jaden says.

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Marcedes, a wife and mother of two, recently revealed that she has been leading a double life. She says for the last seven years, she has been an escort and estimates she has had sex with up to 200 men a month. Watch her story here. She claims she was “forced” into escorting by her mother at 14, because they had no money to pay the bills and her mother knew an older man who “wanted a young girl,” so she says she moved in with him.

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While Jaden says her sister has always been promiscuous, she says she is “1,000 percent” sure her sister did not have sex with a 68-year-old man. “I’ve never witnessed any sexual abuse from my mom’s boyfriends toward my sister,” she says. “When Marcedes claims that she had sex with an older man from the ages of 13-16, it is not true. She lived with my father … She thinks that if she gives you this elaborate story that you’ll believe her and that you’ll feel sorry for her, and that’s the kind of attention she wants.”

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On Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear from Marcedes. Is she ready to change her behavior? Check here to see where you can watch.

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24-Year-Old Escort: 'I’m Not A Bad Mom'

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24-Year-Old Escort: ‘I’m Not A Bad Mom’