Sisters Chelsea and Tara say that growing up, their sister Amy was a sweet girl who got good grades. Then, by her early 20s, she was married three times and had three children with different dads. Their mother, Linda, says that’s when Amy started to change.

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“After her third child was born, Amy became very distant,” Linda says.

Tara says that in 2006, Amy started acting strange. “She started calling herself ‘Mother God,’ and she believed that she was God,” Tara says. “She claims that she is Jesus, Marilyn Monroe, Cleopatra, and different people in the past.”

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“My sister is running a cult with a bunch of followers in Hawaii,” Chelsea claims, of the group Amy says is called Love Has Won. “She believes that she has been sent to save the world. All of Amy’s followers refer to her as Mom or Mama. I believe that Amy is scamming all of her followers.”
In the video above from a Dr. Phil exclusive airing Monday, hear some of the other claims the sisters say Amy makes. On Monday, Amy speaks out. And on Tuesday, meet the family of a follower who claims he was left for dead by Love Has Won; an accusation which the group contends is false. Check here to see where you can watch.

According to media reports, “Mother God” - the spiritual leader of the group “Love Has Won” - was found dead and mummified in a mobile home in their Colorado headquarters on Wednesday, April 28. Amy Carlson, 45, reportedly had been dead for weeks, was in a sleeping bag and adorned with Christmas tree lights, glitter makeup and her eyes were missing. Seven group members have been taken into custody.