“In my house, my son is the boss of me; he’s the adult, and I’m the child,” says Jennifer about her 12-year-old, Alex. “He is in control of everything – what we eat, where we go. I find myself asking permission from him to be able to go to the store. I basically have to ask permission for just about everything that I do.”

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Jennifer’s sister, Amanda, says Jennifer is petrified of Alex and that’s why she won’t discipline him.

“My nephew just walks all over her. He thinks he’s the king of the kingdom,” Amanda says. “My nephew makes Jennifer’s life a living hell.”

The sisters believe Alex’s behavior has become extreme since he became “addicted and obsessed” with violent video games.

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In the video above, the sisters describe how Alex speaks to his mother, and Jennifer reveals why she won’t discipline her child. And, meet Donna Tetreault, a parenting reporter and writer, and founder of Caring Counts. Hear what she says about how video games affect children’s lives.

On Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear what Alex says about his behavior. Is Jennifer ready to change her parenting? Check here to see where you can watch.

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