Lori says her handsome nephew, John, went from a high school star athlete to a losing gambler.

She claims John has lost every penny he has ever made, has ruined his parents’ credit, can’t keep a job, and can’t provide for his three sons, who are all under 2 years old. John’s girlfriend, Sarah, says John is a good dad, but she had to move in with her parents because John doesn’t do anything to support his children. John’s mom, Shelly, claims John lives in her basement and steals money from her but says she just doesn’t have the heart to kick him out. John’s older brother Bobby says his mother is a big part of the problem. She pays for all of John’s food, doesn’t make him pay rent, and John’s never even done his own laundry. Lori and Bobby say it’s time for John to be held accountable, and it’s time for some tough love from Shelly. Can Dr Phil help with this family intervention?

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