Renee says that recently, she was walking down the street performing her job when she was wrongly accused of using her “white privilege” to harass a street vendor.

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“My job is to make sure that everybody has a permit that’s out there. Sidewalk and street ordinances [say] you have to have a permit if you’re selling anything on the sidewalk,” Renee says, explaining that she came across a woman selling hats. “I don’t know if she had a permit because the guy, all of a sudden, came out of nowhere, and I just kept on hearing, ‘Here we go. Here’s another “Permit Betty”.’”

Renee claims a man started to film the situation. “It was a black man that racially profiled me. He didn’t know what my business was. I was not calling the police. He thought I was just being another white woman being ‘nosey,’ harassing a lady that was Hispanic,” Renee says. “I did hear him say, ‘Let’s make her go viral. Let’s make her lose her job.’”

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Renee claims that’s exactly what happened. She says she was suspended the next day and has received hate mail. “My whole life got taken away because somebody said I was a white racist,” Renee says. “The white privilege movement was definitely a key factor in what happened to me. The white privilege movement is dividing us.”

On Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Renee and her attorney, Greg Winter, join Dr. Phil and a panel of experts who delve into the highly-debated topic of “white privilege.” In the video above, see how some of the experts respond to Renee’s story, and why Dr. Phil interrupts the conversation.

And on Thursday, hear how you can become more socially proactive and help to alleviate “white privilege.” Check here to see where you can watch.

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