Debbie claims she’s being stalked by “electronic harassers” who are projecting holograms through her optic nerve to make her see aliens and alien-animal hybrids.

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“My wife is paranoid,” claims Debbie’s husband, Tony. “She sees something on the internet, and that’s what’s happening to her,” he continues.

WATCH Woman Claims ‘Electronic Harassers’ Are Making Her See Alien Creatures

Tony says Debbie has pulled live wires out of the electrical panel, covered their windows and doors and herself with blankets and spends hours every day trying to protect their home and herself from the people she claims are targeting her.

“This behavior is destroying our relationship,” says Tony.

Does Dr. Phil have a plan to help?

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‘They Can Do Whatever They Want To You,’ Says Woman Who Claims She’s Been ‘Brain-Mapped’ By Electronic Stalkers