Valerie says she’s a single mom who works long hours to support her family and admits she can’t always keep an eye on her kids due to her hectic work schedule; so she relies on the nannies she’s hired to do it for her.

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“Work came first, and we were an afterthought,” claims Valerie’s oldest daughter, Samantha. She says she took care of her younger sister Veronica before Valerie hired help.

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“She’s never had time for any of us,” says 16-year-old Veronica.

Current nanny, Elaine, says working for Valerie and her family can be challenging and stressful. She claims that Valerie has a “hands-off” parenting style that has had a big effect on Veronica, and says, “She works around the clock and doesn’t really have time to be a mother.”

Feliz, who worked as a nanny for Valerie for several years, claims the most shocking thing she found was a lack of attachment between Valerie and her children.

“Valerie is definitely their biological mother, but she never mothered the children,” says Feliz, claiming they were neglected.

“They needed her, not me,” she says.

Does Valerie say she agrees with what Elaine and Feliz allege about her parenting skills?

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