On January 24, 2017, Ana Weed, a mother and grandmother, was shot through the heart by Hector Campos, a man who lived next door to her and her family. Ana’s mother, Virginia Montalvo and her husband, Scott Weed, say the tension between their family and Campos had been mounting since Ana had helped Campos’ wife return to Mexico with their baby daughter. They claim that Campos’ wife was verbally and emotionally abused by Campos and that once he learned that their family was helping his wife, he became upset.

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In the video above from Wednesday’s exclusive interview with Dr. Phil, Campos explains the circumstances regarding his wife leaving for Mexico with their young daughter.

WATCH: Hector Campos Explains His Relationship With Neighbor Whom He Shot And Killed

Campos denies Weed’s family’s allegations that he was ever abusive toward his wife.

Also on Wednesday’s episode, Campos, who has been charged with one count of murder, describes the events the day he killed Ana. And hear why her family claims her death was an act of revenge. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Family Members Recall Last Moments Of Woman Who Was Shot And Killed By Neighbor