Jasen and his aunt, Genevieve, are at war over custody of Jasen’s two minor children.

Jasen granted Genevieve temporary guardianship of the children in March 2015, and gave her permission to move his son and daughter with her to California – but now, Jasen claims his aunt is a “manipulative, evil” person and he says he wants his children back.

“My aunt is not taking good care of my kids,” Jasen claims. “My kids are miserable being with my aunt.”

However, Genevieve claims Jasen – who has been homeless for the past few months – is unfit to be a father.

“My nephew is dangerous. He shouldn’t have his kids,” she says, claiming that Jasen has anger issues.

Genevieve claims that when she first got the kids, they were “out of control” and lacking basic life skills, such as being able to properly use silverware.

“The kids’ behavior was so bad, that a crisis team was called in,” she explains. “They tried to help me by saying, ‘You have special needs children. Look at it like you are raising wolves.’”

Two months after having the kids, Genevieve called the cops when she says Jasen broke a door in her house following an argument over the children.

“My aunt pressed charges against me. I was in jail for four-and-a-half months,” Jasen says. “It’s my aunt’s fault that I went to jail because if she wouldn’t have [taken] my kids, I wouldn’t have been put in that position.”

Watch the video above as Jasen explains why he calls the past six months the worst time of his life.