Since Bobbi Kristina Brown’s death in July 2015, her family has accused her former boyfriend, Nick Gordon, of killing her with a toxic cocktail. And, the conservator for her estate has filed a $10 million lawsuit against him. Now that the autopsy reports have been released, Gordon, who denies any involvement in her death, addresses the accusations against him.

“The autopsy lists the cause of death, it lists the chemicals that were there, but it doesn’t list an injection site for a toxic cocktail,” Dr. Phil says to Gordon.

“Because it never happened,” Gordon says with a laugh.

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“Do you think the autopsy shows that you tried to save her?” Dr. Phil asks.

“I would hope so,” Gordon replies.

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“Do you think it proves that you’re innocent?” Dr. Phil continues.

“I know I’m innocent. That’s all I know,” Gordon says. “I was hoping that this would go away after the autopsy report came out, but I’ve got to respect whatever they’re doing.”

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On Friday’s episode, Gordon shares his story about Bobbi Kristina’s final moments. Check here to see where you can watch.