“Our youngest son is extremely damaged by his mother’s behavior,” claims Victor who says he’s very concerned about the impact his ex-wife, Brandi’s, conduct is having on their children.

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He claims Brandi is a severe alcoholic who becomes verbally abusive and physically violent when she drinks.

Brandi, who admits her behavior can sometimes be “volatile” when she drinks to excess, denies she has a drinking problem. She claims that Victor is turning their youngest son against her.

“Victor has absolutely, unequivocally brainwashed our youngest son to hate me, to be mean to me. It’s sad,” she says.

“That’s absolutely not true,” says Victor, denying Brandi’s accusation. “No 11-year-old should be subjected to seeing their mother drunk daily, and seeing all this abusive behavior,” he says.

Victor claims he would love their son to have a relationship with his mother, “But until she wants to make a change, it’s not gonna happen,” he says.

Does Brandi say she’s willing to change her ways? Tune in to part one of this two-part Dr. Phil airing Wednesday.

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