Rebecca, claims that her boyfriend, Dominick, is verbally abusive and has hit her in the past. Dominick claims that his angry outbursts toward Rebecca are, in part, because he has a brain lesion that affects his ability to control his emotions.

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His mother, Marianne, says that recently, Dominick got so angry that he put his own head through a wall.

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“No sane person puts their own head through a wall,” she says.

Dominick also blames his rage on his relationship with Marianne, claiming that she is a heavy drinker who constantly screams at him and tells him he’s worthless.

Marianne vehemently denies Dominick’s claims of drinking and verbal abuse. How does she respond when Dr. Phil plays a recording of an argument between her and Dominick?

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To learn more about the cycle of violence, visit When Georgia Smiled and click on the Aspire Curriculum, a free, online education initiative aimed at reducing domestic violence, instilling the importance of bystander responsibility, and offering strategies and practical solutions for a safe exit.

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