Tina and David claim their sons, 16-year-old Matthew and 21-year-old Michael, lie, smoke weed, and are extremely disrespectful. They say they’re worried their sons will end up killing someone if they don’t stop driving while they’re high, but Mike and Matt say their parents are just overreacting.

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Tina claims Matthew flunked out of school and Tina and David claim it’s because Michael is a bad influence on him - they also admit - spoiling their sons growing up may have contributed to their behaviors.

The brothers say they’re fine - it’s their parents who need help. They’re claiming David and Tina are always calling the police on them just because they smoke pot.

On Monday’s episode, Tina and David are referred to Onsite to work through their parenting issues. Dr. Phil introduces Matthew to Patrick Hawkins, clinical director at Wilderness Treatment Center, a treatment facility for chemically dependent teenage boys, but he says he won’t go.

“Nope. Not doing it. Am not. Nope. No way,” says the teenager, threatening to get himself kicked out if he’s forced to attend.

Can his parents compel him to go? And why does Dr. Phil say he won’t be referring Michael to a treatment facility at this time? Tune in to Monday’s episode.

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