DJ’s parents, Marla and David, and his sister, Moniece, claim he’s delusional, hears voices, and was recently detained for walking naked on a public street; but DJ says there’s nothing wrong with him.

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“When I lost myself, people thought that I had some type of mental disorder, something was wrong with me, because my grip on reality had begun to slip away,” says the 28-year-old on Thursday’s Dr. Phil. “But I don't need any psychiatric medication. Nothing is wrong with me.”

Marla and David claim DJ talks to people who aren’t there; gets into violent altercations with family members, and believes he’s produced albums for several famous musicians. He claims his parents have never acknowledged his accomplishments.

The parents claim DJ struggles with mental health issues and Moniece says she believes that’s true, but also claims her brother is spoiled and has never been held accountable for his actions.

When Moniece walks off the stage, how does DJ respond?

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'Everybody Thinks That I Live In This Fantasy Land,' Says Guest Whose Parents Claim He’s Delusional