“We were one of the hospitals that had COVID-19 patients first,” claims Lauri. The nurse claims that she was fired from her job at Chicago’s Northwestern Medicine 24-hours after sending an e-mail to management and 50 co-workers, voicing her concerns regarding the safety of hospital staff and an alleged lack of personal protective equipment.

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Lauri’s attorney, Blake Horwitz, claims hospital officials said they terminated Lauri’s employment because she allegedly violated HIPPA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) laws with the email she sent, which she vehemently denies.

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“Lauri just talked about the need to wear a mask. She didn’t talk about specific individuals and bring up their cases,” he says, concluding, “To say it’s a HIPPA violation is just plain old silly. It’s just completely inaccurate.”

Lauri says she won’t be silenced and is speaking out publicly because she claims she’s seen so many nurses in her situation standing up for their safety - only to be disciplined for it.

See more from Lauri’s interview with Dr. Phil in the video above. And later, Northwestern Medicine says they’re committed to the safety of their employees. Do administrators say the facility is complying with CDC guidelines for personal protective equipment?

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