Taylor Murphy, a former FDNY firefighter, seemed to have it all – good looks, charm and the March pinup in a New York City fireman’s calendar. He says he was on top of the world, saving lives by day and pursuing acting and modeling on the side, until it all came crashing down when he was accused of beating his transgender model girlfriend outside a strip club. Even though Murphy was eventually cleared of the most serious assault charges, he was convicted of misdemeanor assault, violating a restraining order and lost his job with the FDNY.

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Telling his story for the first time, Murphy opens up to Dr. Phil in an exclusive interview airing Friday.

“My objective is to get my point across of how I was portrayed. There’s a lot of false representations, and the media made a lot of fun of my story and just give people a better understanding or people who haven’t heard my story at all, give them a true understanding,” Murphy says. “As well I want to talk about equality for all people, especially trans, or gay, or bisexual or anything like that.”

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Following in the footsteps of his Deputy Chief father, Murphy says he became a firefighter in February 2008, finishing 3rd in the academy and became part of the Special Operations command during his last two years on the force.

“It was a dream of mine,” says Murphy who originally wanted to play professional basketball. “When I found out that I could play for the fire department, a bigger dream came and that was to risk my life to save somebody else’s life, and then I felt that that was my calling.”

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Along with saving people’s lives, Murphy took up modeling. He landed with top modeling agencies, was featured in numerous magazines and even made an appearance on the Today show. Girls flocked to his fire station and he says it was almost like he became a celebrity. So when news broke of his arrest, the story hit New York’s gossip circuit and Taylor’s trial got major coverage.

In the video above, hear more of Murphy’s story, and see what Dr. Phil asks him that almost brings him to tears. And on Friday, Murphy gets candid about his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, why he says he was “baffled” when he was arrested and why he contemplated suicide. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Former NYC Firefighter Claims 'Jealous' Transgender Ex-Girlfriend Lied To Police And Got Him Arrested