Ralph says he’s never met his girlfriend, “Louise,” in person, has not had a video chat with her, nor has he ever spoken to her on the phone. He acknowledges he’s spent over $150,000 trying to get her out of Berlin where she claims she’s being detained and admits “Louise” stopped contacting him after he told her he could no longer afford to help her financially.

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In the video above, Dr. Phil scrutinizes several letters that Ralph says “Louise” told him were official documents from the German government, demanding payment of various fines and fees.

WATCH In Search Of ‘Louise’: What A ‘Dr. Phil’ Producer Discovered In Berlin

Among other discrepancies, Dr. Phil says, “The payment should be in Euros, not in dollars. The government doesn’t operate in U.S. dollars, they operate in Euros.”

What other discrepancies does he uncover?

Check here to find out where you can see the conclusion of this two-part episode airing Wednesday.

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