Michelle and Rod have been married nearly 30 years and have a dozen children, ages 28 to 6 Rod says he works 80 – 100 hours per week just to pay the bills.

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“On his days off he will just come home and crash. He is barely functioning,” says Michelle.

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“My relationship with my dad doesn’t really exist,” says Sunshine, 19, adding, “It kind of felt like he’s more of like a stranger in my home.”

River, 22, says that drugs are what it took for him to get his dad’s attention, and Iron Rod, 26, says he doesn’t feel like his father knows how to connect with them.

“I definitely wasn’t doing it right. I wasn’t there for them,” admits Rod.

Michelle, who is pregnant with the couple’s 13th child, says she’s always busy cleaning, paying the bills and running the household.

Their oldest daughter, Tuesday, 28, says, “They’re so tired, and they still have so much work ahead of them.”

How does Michelle respond when Dr. Phil asks, “Is there a point at which you said, ‘My doing this – my staying pregnant all of the time – is not fair to the children that I have?’”

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