Dustin and his younger siblings, Chance and Nova, claim that when they were children their mother, Sonya, neglected them, put the men she was dating ahead of their needs, and eventually abandoned them as teenagers. Sonya denies their claims.

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Now, adults, the three siblings are coming face-to-face with their mother for the first time in years.

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“Our entire lives have been paying for your mistakes,” says Dustin, who at 18, says he worked two jobs while attending school full time so he could take care of his brother and sister.

In the video above, Dustin claims that growing up, Sonya kept him from his relatives and told him his father was dead when he wasn't. Sonya claims that for a long time, she did think Dustin’s father was dead.

This episode airs Wednesday. Check here to find out where you can watch.

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