Cathy and Gary say they worked their entire lives imagining that by now, they would be quietly enjoying their golden years together. Instead, they claim their 32-year-old “lazy, mooching” son, Jeremy, has ruined their hopes of that. In fact, Cathy and Gary say they’ve had to put their retirement plans on hold. Jeremy's parents say they are also concerned because when they ask Jeremy to do the littlest thing, like feed the dog, it can turn into World War III. But, Jeremy claims his mother triggers his anger, and that he can't move out or take care of himself because he's bi-polar and depressed -- which he says is also Cathy's fault. Find out what Dr. Phil has planned for these parents and their son to help them attempt to get their lives and family back on track.

32-Year-Old ‘Mooching’ Son Who Still Lives At Home Says He Blames Parents For State Of His Life
Mom Says She’s Scared of 32-Year-Old Son Who Lives At Home: ‘I’m Afraid He Might Kill Me’


Alzheimer's Disease

Supermodel and lifestyle expert B. Smith talks about the impact of her Alzheimer’s diagnosis. And, Pfizer’s Dr. Freda Lewis-Hall shares causes, risks factors and warning signs of the disease.

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