Dustin, Chance and Nova claim their mother, Sonya, is a liar and manipulator who neglected them their entire lives.

According to the children, they grew up in deplorable conditions with no food or hot water in their house. Dustin claims his mother would spend money on fast food for herself and her boyfriend, while his siblings were starving – and he even had to sneak food into the house to feed them. When Nova was 13 years old, she claims Sonya packed up and disappeared, leaving her and her then 14-year-old brother, Chance, homeless without a place to go. But Sonya says she does not remember starving her children or locking them out of the house. Will Sonya be able to earn a place in her children’s lives again? Plus, hear what Dustin, Chance and Nova have to say to their mother after not seeing her for many years.

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