Sam, a former US Secret Service Agent and 911 first responder, claims that Steve, her husband of 16 years, is constantly angry and is antagonistic toward their 10-year-old son.


“There is constant tension in this house,” she says. “Everything’s just like [expletive] this, [expletive] that.”

“I am just not attracted to this closed off, angry human being” Sam adds, claiming she and Steve have not been intimate for more than a year. Sam says she feels that she and Steve are “more like roommates than husband and wife.”

“I can’t continue like this,” says Sam. “It’s pretty tough just as a family. Every single step is a challenge. Our ship is just about sunk.”

Steve admits he gets frustrated but insists he is not the only one claiming Sam is equally angry.

Why does Sam say she’s worried about her son’s behavior?

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