Why Dad Says Teen Daughter Is Accusing Him Of Abuse

Feuding exes Chris and Kelly are embroiled in a bitter custody battle over the couple’s two young daughters.
While Chris claims Kelly is an unfit mother, who is constantly placing their daughters in harm’s way, their 14-year-old daughter claimed Chris had been sexually inappropriate toward her, barging in on her while she was in the shower, and she wonders whether he undressed her while she slept one night.

WATCH: Before You Badmouth Your Ex To Your Kids, Watch This

In the video above, Chris responds to his daughter’s accusations.

Watch more from this episode, “My Ex Is a Terrible Parent and a Danger To Our Children,” here.

A Little Girl’s Heartbreaking Picture For Her Stepdad Who Has Fits Of Rage

Lexi and Jared, who have been married for five years, admit they fight viciously in front of their young children. Jared, who acknowledges that he has an anger problem, has punched holes in walls, slammed doors, broken glass, and describes himself as a “tornado” who gets out of control to the point that he can’t remember the details of his behavior afterward.

“This is impacting our children,” says Lexi, whose daughter Charley describes her dad as “The Hulk” when he’s angry. “Ella lost all her hair when she was about 4 1/2. She’s going on 9, and it hasn’t grown back. We’ve been told it’s a stress condition,” Lexi explains of her daughter from a previous relationship who lives with her and Jared. Ella has also lost her eyebrows and eyelashes.

Lexi, who recovered from a drug addiction over a decade ago with Dr. Phil’s help, says the kids are creating excuses for Jared — just like Lexi does. “They’re making up stories for Daddy,” she says. “I’m starting to wonder if I’m teaching them to be abused.”

She adds, “Charley was telling me that Daddy doesn’t mean to act like that. It’s that Hulk picture that makes Daddy do that.”

The police and Child Protective Services have been involved, but Lexi says, “The only thing they found us guilty of is that the kids have been around an angry man and that is not good for them.”

Dr. Phil reviews the kids’ behavior, including Ella running away, contemplating stabbing herself, and asking, “Is love really that hard?” Charley has said that a monster lives inside her father. Then Dr. Phil pulls out a picture made by Ella when Jared, who has served in Iraq, Kuwait, and as a firefighter, was in a VA treatment center. The picture includes a message for him: “1. Be happy. 2. Be nice. 3. Don’t hurt people.”

Dr. Phil tells Lexi and Jared, “At this point, you have to have an undivided loyalty to your children. If you’re in a situation where there is screaming, yelling, rage, knives are coming out, it’s unpredictable, he can’t stop it, you can’t stop it, deadly weapons are involved, and you are putting the children in that environment, in harm’s way, you are not doing your job. You have a job to protect those children.” He tells Lexi, “You can’t love him through this. You can’t fix this for him. You don’t have the skill set, the training, and you don’t have the objectivity to do that. In fact you may be a trigger for some of this.”

On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Jared gets the help he needs for this family to live in peace. “This situation needs a hero, and you’re the guy to be that hero,” Dr. Phil tells him.

How This Woman Lost 128 Lbs. – And Saved Her Life

A daughter’s wedding should be a proud moment in any parent’s life. But for mom Sheri, she says seeing photos of herself at her daughter’s wedding also served as a wake-up call.

“It was her most important day, and I wanted to be looking my best and I wasn’t,” Sheri say, reflecting on that day and being unhappy with the way she looked.

After trying other diets and weight loss methods, Sheri says she picked a copy of Dr. Phil’s The 20/20 Diet, and began her physical transformation.

The 20/20 Diet literally saved my life. As of today, I have lost 128 lbs. and I am holding steady,” Sheri says. “I literally tried everything. I lost hope. But after I read [the] book, I just saw the light and made a decision to change, not just my eating habits, but my whole, entire life.”

Besides losing the weight, Sheri says her overall health has also improved, and she now no longer needs to take her diabetes or blood pressure medication.

Sheri’s family has been cheering her on through her weight loss journey, and daughter Shelby says her mom is an inspiration to everyone.

“Words cannot even describe how proud I am of you. You’re an extraordinary human being, Mom,” Shelby says to Sheri.

Dr. Phil’s The 20/20 Diet: Turn Your Weight Loss Vision into Reality is available everywhere books are sold.

A typical user of the Dr. Phil 20/20 Diet Plan can expect to lose about one to two pounds per week.

Why These Parents Say They Feel Forced To Enable Their Son’s ‘Violent Behavior’

Julie and Paul say their 22-year-old son, Brandon, is a “handsome, charismatic, devil problem child” who they claim is verbally and, at times, physically abusive to them and their other children.

“We live in hell and misery,” Julie says.

“Over the last four years, we’ve called the police at least nine times. He’s been arrested for punching her, choking her, hitting her, pushing her down,” Paul adds of his son’s behavior toward Julie.

In an audio recording, played on Tuesday’s Dr. Phil, Brandon can be heard telling his mother he wants to break her bones and calls her a “stupid, fat, ignorant bitch.”

Brandon admits he has problems with his temper, but says his parents make it worse by provoking him, verbally abusing him and not being supportive.

“I have anger and resentment towards my parents,” Brandon says, explaining that some of his anger toward his parents stems from the fact they sent him away to an “outdoor therapeutic program” from the time he was 15 until he was 18, which Brandon says caused him to miss “the best years of my life.”

“My main problem with my parents is being able to talk to them without getting into a huge blow up,” he adds. “My dad antagonizes me. He knows how to get under my skin can really provoke me.”

Paul acknowledges he can be verbally abusive toward his son. 

“I snap,” his father says. “I get unglued.”

Julie and Paul – who also have three other children – continue to allow Brandon in their home and allow him to be a part of their lives, because they say they fear what would happen if they cut him off.

“We suffer the misery because we can’t live with ourselves if he killed himself,” Julie says, noting that they believe their son has mental and neurological problems.

Brandon’s mental and neurological issues aside, Dr. Phil takes the parents to task for enabling their son’s behavior.

“There is a fundamental thing that I believe about human nature – you do not reward bad behavior,” Dr. Phil adds.

“What we think we’re doing is keeping him alive,” Julie says.

Watch the video above as Dr. Phil poses a very serious question to – and shares a warning with – Paul and Julie.

5 Tips For Spotting An Underachieving Man

Ladies, beware of the “Mancession.”

Comedy writer Sonja Warfield, author of the book “Get Your Butt Off My Couch (And Your Hand Out Of My Wallet),” says lazy men mooching off of hard-working women is becoming an all-too popular trend.

“There’s a real epidemic going on,” Sonja tells Dr. Phil of what her phrase “Mancession” means. “Women are becoming breadwinners and the men, they’re not stepping up and they’re not stepping up at home either.

“I think men are becoming too comfortable,” she adds.

In effort to help women avoid underachieving men, Sonja says watch out for these five warning signs:

  • He asks to move in with you too soon.
  • He is a dreamer. All talk and NO action.
  • He likes the word ‘FREE’ when it comes to dating.
  • He is happy for YOU to buy your own engagement ring.
  • He HATES his job IF he has one.
“I mean, if you have to buy your own engagement ring, then you are proposing to yourself and marrying yourself, honestly,” Sonja says.

Watch the video above as Robin jokingly “calls out” Dr. Phil for something he did on their honeymoon, that just might fall into one of Sonja’s categories!

Wife Says She’s Fed Up With Unemployed Husband Who Refused To Work For Minimum Wage

Chelsie says her husband, T.J., has been unemployed for “99 percent” of the time during the four years they’ve been together.

Now, after being married for two years, Chelsie says she has had enough and wants her husband to get a job.

“I’m beyond frustrated with my husband,” Chelsie says. “I’m supporting both of us, and our daughter.”

According to Chelsie, instead of working, T.J. – who claims he can’t find a good job because he says he’s “cursed” – stays at home with the couple’s 22-month-old daughter. And as a stay-at-home dad, Chelsie says she expects her husband to take care of certain things around the house, and that that’s not happening either.

“After I’ve been working all day long, I’m tired. I don’t want to come home to a house that’s dirty. I don’t want to come home and do laundry, and honestly, I shouldn’t have to,” Chelsie tells Dr. Phil. “If the tables were turned and I was the one at home, I would have given our daughter a bath, dinner would be cooked and ready, laundry would be done, dishes would be done, the house would be vacuumed and that’s just all there is to it.”

For his part, T.J. says he can’t find a job for several reasons, including car troubles, a lack of good jobs where they live, and not having anyone available to watch their daughter while he goes out on interviews.

T.J. – who did not graduate high school – also has said he refused to work for minimum wage.

“Maybe if I got minimum wage with 40 hours a week, it would be a different story,” T.J. says. “But I can’t find one.”

Watch the video above as Dr. Phil gives T.J. a wake-up call when it comes to his job search.

Why Dave Navarro Wanted To Meet His Mother’s Killer in Jail

Dave Navarro, who is best known as the lead guitarist of Jane’s Addiction, was 15 when his mom was shot in the head and killed by her ex-boyfriend. Thirty-three years later, he tells the story of turning his pain into music in a documentary called “Mourning Son.”

“He changed an entire family forever,” says Navarro about his mom’s ex-boyfriend, John Alexander Ricardi, who was convicted of killing Navarro’s mom, Connie, and her friend, Susan Jory. Ricardi, Navarro recalls, even held Navarro at gunpoint and handcuffed him to the toilet.

“The terror that goes through a 15-year-old child’s mind …” begins Navarro.

“It writes on the slate of who you are,” continues Dr. Phil.

After his mother was killed, Navarro says he turned to drugs.

“I definitely used drugs as an escape from the death issue, but I also used the death issue to do drugs,” says Navarro in the documentary. “That night, I discovered if I ingest something, it’s going to make pain better. I picked up a joint and smoked it and realized that it took pain away. I became a full-blown drug addict from that night on … The truth is I was just trying to find an escape from all the trauma that I had gone through. Ultimately all those things did was compound the trauma and make my life much much worse.”

In “Mourning Son,” Navarro goes to San Quentin State Prison to see Ricardi. “My intention to see Ricardi is, in my mind, the last step in basically turning this thing inside out,” he says in the film. “Ricardi let my mom off the hook, really. Because if he wanted to hurt her, he should have taken me out. That would have made her suffer.”

Now Navarro, host of Spike TV’s “Ink Master,” hopes to use the senseless tragedy he suffered to help others see some of the red flags of domestic violence situations.

“Once they broke up, my whole neighborhood was in fear of this guy,” says Navarro about Ricardi, who had dated Navarro’s mom for about five years before she broke up with him. “I just knew something was going to go wrong.”

Dr. Phil explains the phenomenon known as separation assault. “There are more serious injuries and murders in the two or three weeks after breaking up from an abuser than any other time in the relationship,” says Dr. Phil. “That is the most dangerous time, when you break up and get away from your abuser because they panic.”

Dr. Phil’s wife, Robin McGraw, whose foundation, When Georgia Smiled, creates and advances programs that help victims of domestic violence and sexual assault live healthy, safe and joy-filed lives, adds, “Sadly, victims are told by their abusers that it’s their fault. They’re told that so much that they do become believers of that. Sadly, it takes them a long time to believe that it’s not their fault, that they deserve better.”

If you or someone you know could be in a domestic violence situation, Robin McGraw’s free Aspire app could be life-saving.

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Mother And Son’s Heartbreaking Argument Caught On Tape: ‘I Hate You Enough To … Kill You’

Victoria claims that, on several occasions, she has been physically attacked by her 15-year-old son, Angelo, and that she is now afraid for her life and doesn’t know what to do.

“I am terrified of the young man Angelo is becoming, because he is an abuser,” Victoria says.

Victoria – who also has a 16-year-old son in a juvenile treatment facility, and a 10-year-old daughter caught in the middle of the violence at home – claims Angelo has had a pattern of “extreme violent behavior” since he was young. At one point, Victoria says that she voluntarily placed Angelo into foster care when he was 7 or 8 years old because she wasn’t able to parent him.

“It was a case of [CPS saying], ‘If you don’t help your kids, then we are going to take your kid,’ and I can’t help my kids. They are out of control, so it was voluntary,” she tells Dr. Phil.

Angelo, who says his mother calls him “a mistake” and “an accident,” admits he has been violent towards Victoria.

“I’ve hit my mom two or three times … One time, she came after me and started hitting me. I got so mad, I just hit her back. I know that’s wrong now,” the teen says. “My mom doesn’t like me. I don’t think she loves me as much as someone else’s mom would.”

Angelo recorded audio of a Valentine’s Day 2014 argument with his mother, which he played for Dr. Phil.

“I hate you. I hate you. I hate you. And then I hate you some more,” Victoria can be heard saying to her son on the recording. “And just when you think I can’t hate you some more, I hate you enough to [expletive] kill you … You’ve been screwing up my life since you were born.”

Watch the video above, as a tearful Victoria and Angelo react to hearing the recorded incident. After hearing the recording, what does Victoria think of her words toward her son?

Dr. Phil And Robin Take Action Against Skincare Endorsement Scam Using Robin’s Name And Image

Dr. Phil and wife Robin are fighting back against a false endorsement scheme promoting skincare products using Robin’s name and image and phony headlines about the couple’s marriage.

“That really makes me so mad, because I worked for years, over three years, to perfect my skincare line Robin McGraw Revelation and I am so very proud of it,” Robin says. “So to hear that there are people out there using our marriage and my name and image to sell lotions and creams that I have absolutely nothing to do with, really drives me crazy.”

Recently, Dr. Phil viewers began writing into the show, complaining about the products they had purchased online after seeing Robin’s fake endorsement.

Phony articles were being posted online, with headlines suggesting Dr. Phil and Robin’s marriage was in trouble. When users clicked on the link, they were taken to an ad for an apparent free skin cream trial, featuring Robin’s name and image.

“Little do unsuspecting customers know, if they don’t read the very fine print, they are signing up for an automatic shipping of more products with automatic billing straight to their credit card. This could end up costing hundreds of dollars if they had no idea that they were being charged,” Robin explains. “It’s heartbreaking.”

“It just makes me sick,” Dr. Phil adds.

Dr. Phil and Robin began trying to track down these companies, but as the unhappy customers found out as well, it was no easy feat.

To help, Dr. Phil and Robin enlisted the help of Chris Chatham, founding partner of the Chatham Law Group, who sent cease and desist letters to some of the skincare companies which were selling products using Robin’s name and likeness.

“We’re chasing these people. We’re not going to stop until we find them,” Dr. Phil says.

Watch the video above to hear the surprising responses Chris has received from some of the companies that were contacted, as well as from some of the women who say they fell victim to the fake ads.

Robin’s beauty products can be found exclusively at RobinMcGrawRevelation.com.

Mom Accused Of Abusing Baby Shares Her Explanation For Son’s Injuries

After suffering eight miscarriages, Marty says her dream of being a mother finally came true with the birth of her son. However, that dream quickly turned into a nightmare when she took her infant to the emergency room, where Marty was accused of physically abusing her 16-week-old baby boy. Several days later, she was arrested.

But, Marty – who was charged with felony and misdemeanor child abuse – insists she would never hurt her child.

“I never have been an abusive person and, for sure, never hurt my son,” she says. “I’ve been wrongfully accused of hurting my son.”

Marty says that she had taken her then 4-month-old son to the hospital after she noticed a “popping feeling” in his side when she lifted him from his crib.

When Marty and her fiancé, Derrick, got to the hospital, it was discovered the baby had suffered multiple fractured ribs, and had a mark on his shoulder, which some authorities claimed was a bite mark.

“Shortly thereafter, the social worker for the hospital came in, and she looked right at us and said, ‘I know that you guys abused your son,’” Marty explains on Thursday’s Dr. Phil. “The police came. The detective screamed at me, he cursed at me and he told me I was the worst [expletive] mother he had ever seen.”

Authorities stepped in, and Marty and Derrick say they were not permitted to leave the hospital with their son. It’s now been 19 months since the child was initially removed from their care.

However, Marty insists it wasn’t physical abuse which caused her baby’s injuries. She says there was a legitimate medical reason – that the child was eventually diagnosed with a metabolic bone disease, rickets, which causes bone fragility due to a Vitamin D deficiency.

“The fractures that he had were from normal handling,” she explains, adding that the couple had no idea the baby’s ribs were broken and they had been to 11 doctor visits between the time he was born and the time he was taken away. “We did baby wear him. We would wear him multiple ways. We would swaddle him. He would scream when we would put him in his car seat. Now, we know he was in pain.”

Marty now wants to clear her name – and, more importantly, get her baby back.

“I tried for 10 years to have a baby. I had eight miscarriages to try and carry my son. This is my miracle baby,” she pleads. “We have missed out on moments that nothing in the world could ever replace. We’ve been wronged. Nobody can give us this back.”

Man Acquitted In Wife’s Murder Faces Woman The Press Called His ‘Mistress’

Charlie Buck says he had it all: a beautiful wife of 23 years, his own business, a big house on the water, and a volunteer job as a firefighter. But Buck’s world was rocked in 2002 when his wife, Leslie, was kidnapped by his friend and former employee. Leslie escaped, and then two days later she was found dead at the bottom of the stairs in their Mystic, CT home. Seven years later, Buck was arrested and charged with her murder, but he was acquitted in 2010 after spending 20 months in jail.

“As I look at this picture of Leslie, I miss her with every breath that I take,” says Buck in the video above, as he describes finding his wife in their home with no pulse.

When his wife was alive, he became friends with a bartender named Carolyn, whom he lavished with gifts for her and her kids that he says his wife did not know about. Despite rumors in their community and a media frenzy about their relationship, Buck and Carolyn both say they were not having an affair.

“Charlie was very sympathetic,” says Carolyn. “He was very attentive. I felt as if Charlie was an angel … He gave me a necklace full of diamonds. I think it was worth $100,000 … I’m thinking the guy is a billionaire, millionaire, whatever. I did not feel guilty accepting gifts because he was going to be my husband.”

The couple got married, but Carolyn had the marriage annulled after six months.

It’s been nearly three years since they have seen each other, and now, they each turn to Dr. Phil amid new accusations against Carolyn.

“I’m tired of this. I want to clear my name,” says Carolyn, who was charged with second-degree larceny.

Mom Says She Has No Regrets Over Claiming Ex Molested Their Daughter

Despite saying that she no longer believes her ex, Daniel, sexually abused their daughter, Lynsey says she doesn’t regret bringing the allegation to authorities.

“Do I have any regret for trying to protect my daughter from her saying that her dad sexually abused her? Nope,” Lynsey tells Dr. Phil. “I do have regrets on how I handled the whole situation. But I didn’t know what to do. This was not something that was premeditated and planned like you’re trying to make it seem.”

Lynsey claims Sophie returned home from an overnight visit with her father in December 2014 and there was “physical damage to her private areas” and “she was acting extremely traumatized.” She then videotaped the couple’s then-3-year-old daughter crying and seemingly claiming she didn’t want to see her father again because he might hurt her.

Daniel accused Lynsey of coaching the little girl into making such accusations, and while Lynsey insists she never coached Sophie, a court ruled in Daniel’s favor and Lynsey has since lost custody of the child.

“That is coaching the child,” Dr. Phil says to Lynsey after reviewing the videotapes. “You don’t believe that you were leading your daughter?”

“No, I don’t,” Lynsey says. “I believe those videos are absolutely heartbreaking … I had a traumatized 3-year-old girl who is saying, ‘My daddy hurt me.’”

Daniel’s parents come to their son’s defense, claiming Lynsey “thrives on drama” and is “controlling, rude, arrogant” and “abusive.” Lynsey’s own parents also speak out, with some surprising words for their daughter.

“We both believe Lynsey needs counseling before she can be a part of Sophie’s life. We have asked her to do family counseling for many years. We do not believe that Daniel has ever sexually molested Sophie,” Lynsey’s parents say in a statement to Dr. Phil. “Lynsey has used the same accusations with us, and others, when she hasn’t gotten her way. We love our daughter, but we do not want her in our life because of all the drama she creates and lies she tells. We believe Daniel and his parents are doing a wonderful job raising Sophie. When we are with Sophie, she is a very happy and loving 4-year-old. We love Sophie very much and only want what is best for our granddaughter.”

Dad Accused Of Molesting His Daughter Claims He Fears Mom Is ‘Brainwashing’ Their Child

Daniel says his ex, Lynsey, accused him of molesting their now 4-year-old daughter, Sophie – an accusation deemed untrue by the court. Now, Daniel worries that Lynsey, who has since lost custody, will try to turn their daughter against him.

Daniel claims that after he refused to marry Lynsey once learning she was pregnant, that she told him the child was not his – and she then gave birth without telling him.

Daniel says he filed for paternity and when Sophie turned 3, he received unsupervised visitation with their daughter. That’s when he says Lynsey started accusing him of molesting their little girl.

“After the investigation, it was determined that I, 100 percent, did not do what Lynsey was accusing me of, so I filed for custody at that time,” Daniel explains. “The court determined that Lynsey was coaching our daughter to make these accusations against me.”

Now, a year after losing custody, Lynsey is on the verge of gaining supervised overnight visits with their daughter. But Daniel is worried about Lynsey “brainwashing” Sophie, and possibly trying to take her away.

“One of my biggest fears is that Lynsey is capable of running away with our daughter,” Daniel says on Monday’s Dr. Phil. “There is absolutely no predicting what she’s going to do because she’s so unstable.”

Lynsey claims Sophie returned home from an overnight visit with her father in December 2014 and there was “physical damage to her private areas” and “she was acting extremely traumatized.”

“I was determined to get her help to find out what happened. The therapist was pretty much convinced that she had been sexually abused,” Lynsey claims.

Following the visit, Lynsey recorded two videos of Sophie crying and – according to Lynsey, claiming she didn’t want to see her father again because he might hurt her.

But Daniel maintains that Lynsey had coached the child into saying such things, in order to get him out of Sophie’s life.

Daniel says he now wants Lynsey to come clean about coaching their little girl. Does she admit to it and does she still believe Daniel sexually abused their daughter?

Addiction vs. Choice: Ways To Know The Difference

If you’re struggling to overcome a bad habit and wonder if it could be an addiction, ask yourself this question: Are you dealing with an irresistible impulse, or an impulse not resisted?

“That is the difference between addiction and choice,” Dr. Phil explains.

For addicts, an irresistible impulse often drives their behavior, and may be caused by a deep-rooted issue that needs to be addressed.

“Oftentimes, maladaptive behavior begins for one reason and continues for a whole separate set of reasons,” he adds. “It can get to become a coping skill.”

In those cases, breaking an addiction may need treatment on several levels.

“It’s going to require an intervention at a neurological level and it’s going to require an intervention at an emotional level,” Dr. Phil says. “You can ‘white knuckle’ it for a period of time, but your brain will take you back there. That has to be dealt with.”

If you’re ready to break an addiction, get started with these seven steps.

Husband Admits He Lied About Cancer Diagnosis, Pawned Wife’s Wedding Ring For His Gambling Habit

Newlywed Amber says her  marriage with Jim is being destroyed by “Jim’s compulsive gambling addiction”.

“Jim’s gambling is out of control. Any time Jim has a chance, he will gamble,” Amber says. “When I first met Jim, he was extremely well-off. He had a very lucrative business, three vehicles, a nice house – right now, every bit of it is gone.”

It’s gotten so bad, that Jim estimates he’s lost roughly $300,000 in just the year-and-a-half he’s been married to Amber. Over the course of his lifetime, Jim says he’s lost over $800,000.

“I’m like a zombie. I can’t get away from it,” Jim admits of his addiction.

Jim even told Amber he had received a testicular cancer diagnosis – he says so he would have more opportunities to leave the house and go gamble.

“All the times Jim said that he was going to the doctor for check-ups, he was actually gambling,” Amber says. “Who lies about having cancer?!?”

Amber claims that one of the worst things Jim has done to support his habit was when he pawned her $10,000 wedding ring.

“That’s one of the things I’m most ashamed of,” Jim says.

Amber says she’s now on the verge of filing for divorce, and has come to Dr. Phil with her husband as a “last resort” to save their marriage.

6 Areas Of Your Brain Affected By Drug And Alcohol Use

Karen came to Dr. Phil asking for help, claiming she was being followed, and that someone had even implanted microchips in her eyebrows to track her every move.

However, as Dr. Phil learned, Karen had been using meth amphetamines and drinking alcohol, which as he explains, impacts her ability to reason properly.

“It is no wonder that your reason can be distorted,” he adds. “You’ve got a toxic brain right now.”

In the video above, Dr. Phil discusses the six areas of the brain affected by drug and alcohol use:

Nucleus Accumbens: This is an area that is a rewards system. This is what causes you to have the drive to drink. It’s impacted when you do drugs and alcohol.

Hypothalamus: This is where you get thirst and hunger. That is distorted and impacted.

Hippocampus: This is where memory, and recall and blackout is affected.

Cerebral Cortex: Judgement is effected and it lowers your inhibitions.

Cerebellum: This is where you start getting into all kinds of problems with your coordination and things that cause you to not be real steady.

Medulla: This is where you get into your heart rate, your respiration, your consciousness, things that can create problems for you.

Woman Who Claims She’s Being Followed Says ‘They’ Put Microchips In Her Eyebrows

Two years ago, Karen had it all. She was running her own successful business, she had a beautiful home on the beach, nice cars and plenty of money in the bank.

But now, Karen says she’s lost everything – and she believes she’s being targeted.

Besides believing that her phones and computers have been hacked, Karen also believes microchips have been implanted in her eyebrows, while she was sleeping, all in an effort to track her every move.

“I believe someone has been following me, tracking me, recording me. Eyes are on me 24/7. I feel like my life is in danger, and I’m scared,” Karen says on Friday’s Dr. Phil. “I’ve probably spent close to $100,000 trying to find out who is doing this to me.”

After losing most of what she owns, Karen moved in with her brother, John, and his wife, Ronda. But now, she thinks her brother is one of the people behind all of her troubles.

“I think a lot of the things that have been done to me have been done by my brother, John,” she says. “It’s really hard to live with someone who might be trying to destroy you.”

However, John denies his sister’s claims. “For the past two years, Karen has accused me of following her, stealing from her … it’s completely untrue,” John says.

WATCH: Man Fears Turning His Back On Sister Despite Her Accusations Against Him

John believes Karen’s drug use is fueling her paranoia and he says he believes his sister, who was sober for many years, started using drugs again two years ago when she began dating a new man – the same time that he claims her behavior changed.

“Prior to this two years, my sister was the star of my life. She was my idol. She didn’t do any drugs. She worked seven days a week. She created a business. It was all work and no play,” John says of Karen.

Once he says her behavior changed, John drug tested his sister, and says, at the time, she tested positive for methamphetamines, PCP, marijuana, angel dust and ecstasy “all at the same time.”

“The thing that scared me the most was that she looked shocked,” John tells Dr. Phil of when his sister heard the test results. “She may have known she had a few of [the drugs] in her, but she didn’t know that she had all of that in her.”

As for why John continues to let his sister live in his home, despite the accusations, he explains that, “I know that if I turn my back on my sister, I know that she would end up on the street. I can’t let her go down this path.”

Karen admits to using drugs, however, she says she started using drugs again after she felt she was being watched – and not the other way around.

WATCH: Woman Who Claims She’s Being Followed Gets Results Of Drug Test

“It killed my pain, and that’s the only thing that has helped me through this, and I know it’s wrong,” she says, admitting she used methamphetamines as recently as the day before her interview with Dr. Phil. “I know I need help with this – the drug abuse. But I need more help. I need answers. I need clarity … It’s not right what they’ve done to me … I know that someone broke me down … to make me look this way.”

Karen and her family look to Dr. Phil for help on turning her life around. But will she take his advice and his offer of help? Watch more here.

Why Teacher Who Had Sex With 17-Year-Old Student Is Suing Him And His Mom

Tanya Ramirez, a former teacher and coach at a high school in Corpus Christi, TX, admits that she slept with a 17-year-old student, and pleaded guilty to an improper relationship between teacher and student. But now, Ramirez, 31, is suing the student, Tristian, for invasion of privacy after he, she says secretly, recorded their romp, texted it to 11 of his friends, and then, she says, it was posted online. She is also suing his mom for defamation, after she publicly called Ramirez “a sexual predator” and accused her of sleeping with other students as well.

Ramirez recalls texting with Tristian for three weeks before they arranged for him to come to her house in the middle of the night on May 30, 2014, at which point they say they headed straight to the bedroom for, what Ramirez says was consensual sex. (Seventeen is the age of consent in Texas.)

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“He had his phone in his pocket and then while having sex, he pulled it out, and I didn’t see it. It’s only about 10 seconds,” claims Ramirez, referring to video Tristian admits he recorded. “When I found out there was a tape, I was in shock. I felt betrayed. We had been talking for almost a month so I trusted him that I could have sex with him and him not say anything, and we could keep it a secret. I do, now, feel that I was set up. I do feel that there was some type of motive or intent to get it out there that he had sex with a teacher.”

Tristian, who was not Ramirez’s student, says a friend drove him to Ramirez’s house and then waited outside for him while he and the teacher had sex.

“When did you decide you were going to record this for posterity?” Dr. Phil asks.

“The reason, like, I recorded it was because I had been drinking before, so I was not really in the right mind. I remember talking to my friend about it, and he was just telling me that if you don’t have proof [of sex with Ramirez] then I’m not going to believe you,” says Tristian. “But I didn’t mean to send it [the video] out. I accidentally sent it in a group message, which I really didn’t mean to do.”

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But Ramirez, whose teaching license was revoked, says the damage is done. “I am taking legal action against both Tristian and his mother for invasion of privacy, videotaping the sexual encounter without my knowledge and then distributing it to his friends, and for emotional distress,” she says. “I’m suing the mom because I feel it’s not right to call out someone in the media. Now people look at me as a sexual predator. Her son was an adult at the time, and so he chose to have a sexual relationship with me. I want to get justice for what he did to me.”

When Ramirez says she wants an apology from Tristian’s mom, Kim, she tells Dr. Phil, “I am sorry that my son ever met Tanya Ramirez. That is the only apology that she will get from me.”

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The attorney representing Tristian and his mom asks how a teacher who slept with a student at her school could think she is the one who was wronged. “We offered mutual releases many times,” he says. “Everyone release everyone, and let’s all go about our lives, and Ms. Ramirez refuses to do that.”

He adds, “Why is a teacher having a 17-year-old male student at over 2 in the morning?”

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Teacher Who Slept With High School Student: ‘I Didn’t Think It Was Legally Wrong’

Tanya Ramirez was a 29-year-old high school teacher in Texas when she slept with a 17-year-old student, and although she pled guilty to an improper relationship between teacher and student, she says she doesn’t think she acted inappropriately.  

“I didn’t think it was wrong. It never once felt like I was talking to a child,” Ramirez says of the teen with whom she had been texting for three weeks before the encounter. “I wasn’t thinking, wait a minute, I’m a teacher, because this was all happening outside of school.” She adds that they were both consenting adults, as 17 is the age of consent in Texas.  

Ramirez says on the night of the encounter, the teen arrived at her house at 3am, and they went to her bedroom basically immediately. She claims that unbeknownst to her, the teen recorded part of the encounter and sent it to his friends – and that’s how their tryst became public and led to her termination at the school.  

“When I found out there was a tape, I was in shock, felt betrayed. We had been talking for almost a month, so I trusted him that I could have sex with him and him not say anything, and we could keep it a secret,” Ramirez says in the video above. “I do, now, feel that I was set up. I do feel that there was some type of motive or intent to get it out there that he had sex with a teacher.”

Ramirez tells Dr. Phil she believes the teen may have set her up to gain “bragging rights” among his peers. “The fact that he hid his phone and then, obviously, as soon as it was finished, he distributed it to 11 of his friends, and from there, it went viral,” she alleges.

Ramirez, who is now suing the boy, accusing him of “extreme and outrageous” conduct and invasion of privacy, maintains that she did nothing wrong.

“I didn’t think it was legally wrong,” Ramirez states. “I know, obviously, with my profession, I crossed a boundary with the contract that I signed, but legally, I didn’t think I would be classified as a felon, being charged with having sex with a consenting adult.”

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Married Ex-Pastor Admits To Leading ‘Double Life,’ Visiting ‘Call Girl’ Website And Spending $60,000

Robert, a former pastor who has been married for 34 years to wife Vicki, says he gave more than $60,000 to a woman he says he fell in love with after meeting her on a “call girl” website.

“I was living a double life,” Robert says on Tuesday’s Dr. Phil, adding that he first met the woman through an adult Internet site, and the two eventually began having intimate phone conversations and texts.

Robert says he never had sex with the woman, saying their physical contact during their in-person meetings was limited to kissing and, “I rubbed her back one time.”

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As for why the relationship started, Robert says in part he believes it was because he and his wife Vicki had not been intimate in some time.

“My wife was just not very sexually motivated, so I cultivated this relationship with this woman because I was not happy with my marriage,” he says, again insisting that he never had sex with the woman.

As the relationship with this woman went on, the ex-pastor says that he spent money out of his family’s checking accounts and even cashed in an IRA account – all, he says, for this woman.

“I would send her money,” he tells Dr. Phil, noting that the amounts of the money he wired would vary. “One for $600, $1,150, $2,100 … one time I even sent her [a money gram for] $4,000.”

Besides cash, Robert said he incurred $20,000 in credit card debt and once rented her a car that she allegedly totaled and abandoned, for which Robert says the rental car company now says he owes them $15,000.

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“I cleaned out our joint savings. I took a lot of money out of my checking account. I used the credit card for gigantic amounts of bills,” Robert explains.

Robert and Vicki’s daughter, Marissa, says her father also bailed this woman out of jail not once, but twice, with Robert explaining that he cashed in an IRA account to pay $9,600 to a bail bondsman after the woman missed a court hearing.

“I was dumb enough to not realize that if you bail somebody out, that you are liable for 10 times more if they don’t show up for court,” Robert says.

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“I truly fell for her. Got lost in the emotions and lost track of how much I was lending her. In the end, I paid out more than $70,000 for this woman, plus I’m still liable for the car damage,” Robert explains. “I acted foolishly because I was being a good Samaritan, but I also had lust in my heart.”