Dr. Phil Has Advice for a Family at Odds

Rachel says her mother, Dixie, has turned Rachel’s 18-year-old daughter, Abbie, against her. But Dixie says Rachel’s history of poor parenting and partying are the real problem. How can this family hit the reset button? “You can decide that you want to be right, or you can decide that you want to be happy,” Dr. Phil says.

A Woman Says Her Mother Has Turned Her Daughter against Her

Rachel says her mother, Dixie, is “controlling, narcissistic and pure evil” and has turned her 18-year-old daughter, Abbie, against her. Dixie says Rachel has always been more interested in partying than being a good mom, and she feels Abbie is better off living with her. Emotions run high when Dr. Phil unites the three generations.

How A Mom’s Words Impact Her Daughter (Especially About Weight)

Dominique, 21, blames her mom for her lifelong struggle with weight, saying she always makes comments about her weight and picks on her. Her mom says she feels like she needs to keep an eye on Dominique. About a year ago, their relationship turned ugly when JoAnn called Dominique a “fatass.” Watch Dr. Phil’s powerful experiment, in which he shows JoAnn how her words impact her daughter’s self-esteem.”

Expert Advice For Controlling A Child’s Out-Of-Control Behavior

Most parents deal with a child’s tantrums and unruly behavior at some point, but imagine living in fear of your own child. For Allen and Cheryl, the last four years have been a nightmare. They say their 9-year-old son, Steve, has extreme rage, and he is terrorizing their family. Dr. Phil introduces the couple to Dr. Alan Kazdin, Director of the Yale Parenting Center, who offers them insight into Steve’s behavior and suggests ways to help them change his behavior and their own.

Twin Brothers At Odds After One Slims Down

Charles, who weighs 605 pounds, says he’s desperate to lose weight but that the person who should be helping him most, his twin brother, Adam, is weighing him down.

Dr. Phil Gives a Wake-Up Call to a 600-Pound Guest

Charles says he and his identical twin brother, Adam, have struggled with their weight all their lives, but ever since Adam lost 90 pounds, he has become an arrogant jerk. Adam says his brother needs a serious wake-up call. Dr. Phil gives Charles a look at what he’s putting into his body every year.

Why One Teen Won’t Live With Her Mom

At some point, almost every teen gets embarrassed by her mother. But according to 18-year-old Abbie, her mom’s public display of inappropriate behavior is so “disgusting” that she can barely stand to be around her.

Another Woman Comes Forward With New Allegations In The Bill Cosby Scandal

Another woman comes forward with new allegations about Bill Cosby, whom she claims met with her in a hotel room, gave her two drinks that made her dizzy, and then proceeded to stroke her hair with her body between his legs she says that’s the last memory she has of the night in 1988 before blacking out.

Convicted Murderer Explains How It Felt Facing the Victim’s Family

Karen was just 17 years old in 1985 when she and a friend lured Missy Avila, also 17, to a spot in the woods where her life would ultimately end. Karen, who spent 23 years behind bars for her involvement in Missy’s death, recounts what it was like facing Missy’s family after they learned of her murder.

A Father Meets His Long-Lost Son after 46 Years

Greg says 46 years ago, when a girlfriend got pregnant, he was left out of the decision to place the baby for adoption. See the emotional moment when professional locator Troy Dunn unites Greg with his son, Wendell.