Kathy won Miss Michigan 2019 but says her crown was removed the next day due to comments she made on social media which the pageant deemed offensive, insensitive, and inappropriate, in violation of pageant rules.

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The first post, she says, was about Black-on-Black violence. Kathy was also accused of posting Islamophobic comments, which she vehemently denies. While she doesn’t deny making the statements, Kathy says context is everything. “These tweets were posted about a year or two years ago, and it was not relevant at all during the time I was Miss Michigan.”

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Kathy claims that since losing her crown and title, she has been the target of online comments calling her intolerant and racist – and of racist comments aimed at her.

“The people who preach for tolerance and call me racist are the same people who call me slant-eyed, dog-eater, flat-faced and other racial slurs,” she claims in the video above. She also claims that she’s been on the receiving end of over 1,000 death threats on social media.

Why does Kathy say she believes that people on social media are “way too sensitive?”

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