As COVID-19 spreads across the nation, officials in many states are establishing curfews and shutting down public spaces, and grocery stores are being wiped clean of food and toilet paper. But those aren’t the only items people are stocking up on. News outlets are now reporting that some people are also stockpiling guns and ammunition.

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“People who normally have never even given a thought to purchasing a gun are buying one,” says Dr. Phil. “But is panic purchasing a gun really going to calm your fears?”

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“I’m a firm believer in the Second Amendment, but we have to be responsible gun owners,” says Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva.

Watch the video above to hear his concerns about people who wouldn’t normally have a firearm suddenly bringing one into their homes. And later, news outlets across the nation are reporting that gun sales have spiked amid coronavirus concerns. If you’re a new gun owner, find out what you can do to keep yourself safe.

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