Dr. Phil is following up with some of his most talked about guests over the last 15 seasons.

They were two parents not only, literally, parenting while intoxicated, but also leaving their three daughters sick of their behavior. Did they both accept help? Plus, he was married to an accused madam allegedly running a million dollar escort agency that was claimed to cater to some of the most powerful men in New York City. Are they still married? And find out why he feels he owes Dr. Phil an apology? And, he was only 12 years old when his father shot and killed his own mother, and for the first time in over 30 years, he confronted his dad, along with Dr. Phil. It’s been six years since that emotional confrontation. Find out how this son and father are doing now. Plus, Mel is a former guest who called off her wedding because she did not want to sign a prenuptial agreement that her fiancé, Ian, presented to her just weeks before walking down the aisle. Dr. Phil offered Mel and Ian advice for the heart and for their health! Since December, Mel has used Dr. Phil’s book, The 20/20 Diet, to lose almost 50 pounds. She was helped along the way by physical trainer and nutritionist Robert Reames, who worked with Mel each week to lose 48 pounds … and counting!