To outsiders, Steve and Stephanie say it appears their family has it all together. But behind closed doors, the couple says their home is an absolute war zone, controlled by their 15-year-old son, Preston, whom his parents refer to as a “tornado of drama.”

“Preston is completely out of control,” Stephanie says.

According to Steve and Stephanie, Preston can be violent, often destroying things around the house and, at times, allegedly hitting his parents.

“I’ve been bruised all over my body by my own son,” Stephanie claims, adding that Preston also allegedly touches her on the breasts and buttocks.

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Steve admits he’s also been physical with his son, sometimes hitting him with a belt.

“We beat the [expletive] out of each other. It’s bad,” Steve says, claiming that Preston recently punched him in the face, causing a bloody nose. “I’ve had to hit him with a belt and it doesn’t even faze him. He still keeps coming when he’s in a rage.”

Steve and Stephanie say they’ve “tried everything” to get Preston under control, and have even called the police multiple times. They say the simplest of requests, such as asking him to do chores or his homework, can trigger an angry altercation.

“Anything can set Preston off. If you ask him to do anything, he completely comes undone,” his father claims.

“I don’t like getting told what to do,” Preston states. “My parents can try disciplining me, but I never do what they want me to do.”

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Watch the video above as Steve and Stephanie discuss how they’ve tried to discipline Preston, and why they say they are now out of options.

Can Dr. Phil help these parents get their son’s behavior under control? And, why does Dr. Phil say they are contributing to the problem?