“My daughter, Tylor, is a rageaholic. She has extreme anger inside of her,” says Stacey about her 18-year-old daughter. “Tylor’s rages are set off by anything and everything.”

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Stacey and her husband, Dan, claim Tylor has punched holes in walls and doors, broken mirrors and cracked the car windshield with her feet. They also claim she’s been “physically and verbally abusive to every member of the family,” and they’ve called the police on her 30 times and had her arrested 10 times.

“My daughter Teghan and my son Daniel literally feel hatred for Tylor,” Stacey says.

Dan adds that Tylor got him arrested and has called CPS on him and Stacey multiple times.

“She had called the police. She then told them that I punched her in the face and I was arrested on the spot,” Dan says. “I actually spent three weeks in jail. I lost my job.”

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Tylor went to jail for seven months in January because she violated probation when she hit a friend. Stacey and Dan say their daughter’s behavior is now worse than ever because she refuses to seek treatment for her diagnosed mental health disorders. The parents say they’re desperate to get their daughter’s behavior under control because she claims she is now 7 weeks pregnant.

“Until she can accept that she needs help, Tylor’s headed toward either long-term jail or an early death,” Dan says turning to Dr. Phil for help.

On Friday's episode of Dr. Phil, hear from Tylor. What does she say about her behavior and her relationship with her parents? And, when Dr. Phil offers her help, will she accept? Check here to see where you can watch.

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