Craig and Mary claim their 22-year-old daughter, Jessica, left their home and moved with their 2-year-old granddaughter to Las Vegas after they objected to her being a "sugar baby" and dating men for money. Jessica claims they kicked her out.


“I don’t recall the actual conversation, but I know it, without a doubt, there was a conversation about this is not consistent with our values,” says Craig. He and Mary both say they told Jessica she’d have to find somewhere else to stay if she was going to continue getting paid for going out on dates.

Jessica claims the man who promised her fame and fortune as a model and exotic dancer in Las Vegas turned out to be a pimp who forced her into working as a prostitute instead. Now she’s living in a homeless shelter with her daughter, and claiming to be pregnant.

When Jessica claims that it’s her parents, who are both mental health professionals, who are to blame for her current circumstances, how do Craig and Mary respond?

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Woman Claims Man Who Promised Her Fame As An Exotic Dancer Was ‘A Total Fraud’