Lisa and John describe their daughter Amber as “manic,” “crazy” and “volatile,” and say if she doesn’t get help soon, they fear for her future and the fate of her three small children.


“My daughter Amber needs to be institutionalized. She goes from sad to happy to angry in 60 seconds,” says Lisa, adding that Amber has said she was diagnosed with over 20 different disorders.


“Amber uses and abuses these disorders to get away with her behavior,” John adds. “Amber’s out of control. She just goes off. She’s jumping up and down, stamping her feet, screaming, swearing – she only wants to hear what Amber wants to hear.”


The couple says they fear for the health and safety of Amber’s three young children, so much so that Lisa has called Child Protective Services on her daughter. 


“We would stop over, and the twins would be up running around the house, and she was sleeping,” Lisa says. “One time, Amber just took off and left her family and her children. We spent three days trying to find her.”


But Amber says she’s not crazy; she’s just enjoying life and having fun. She says it’s her parents who stress her out and “make her mentally ill at the time.”


“My family thinks that I’m crazy, but it’s definitely them who are a little crazy. I do not have any mental disorders; I feel I am OK,” says the 24-year-old.


However, Amber admits that in the past, she has checked  herself into a mental hospital and has said that during her four hospital stays in the past eight years, she has been diagnosed with “20 mental illnesses.” But, she says she does not believe any of the diagnoses and doesn’t take prescribed medication for them. 


“Every time I got diagnosed with something, it was [expletive], it was all dumb. They needed to put a pill in my mouth,” she says.


Amber says that her strained relationship with her parents “might be causing a lot more of a mental illness.”


“For a while, I was drinking, probably more than I should on a daily basis, and right away, they judged that,” she claims. “I really just like to party and have a good time every now and again. It doesn’t make me a bad person.”


Amber lost her license due to two DUIs but says she continues to drive, explaining she has “to do what I have to do to survive.” Worried, they say, for her safety, Lisa and John turn to Dr. Phil for help.

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“If she doesn’t get help for her mental disorder, we would have to forget that she exists,” Lisa says.


In the video above, Dr. Phil reviews some of Amber’s alleged behaviors that are concerning to her parents, including stabbing herself in the leg and drinking and driving. Also, Amber explains her job working with a 24-year-old woman with a much younger mental age and how she works to help this woman learn social skills.

This episode, “My Family Thinks I’m Crazy, But I Think They’re Crazy!” airs Friday. Check here to see where you can watch.