Cathy and Randy say their daughter, Taylor, was a happy child, who was well-behaved, got good grades, had lots of friends, and loved Justin Bieber.

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“I would make Justin Bieber music videos, and I would sing and dance to it, and then I would post them on YouTube,” says the now 20-year-old.

At 14, Taylor, who had started modeling, says she began posting photos of herself on Instagram to help boost her career. “By the time I reached high school, I had about 30,000 followers. To say the least, I kind of became ‘Insta-famous.’”

“There were definitely people that were jealous of her social media celebrity status,” says Randy.

Taylor and her family claim she was bullied, their house was egged, and her vehicle vandalized. Eventually, Taylor, along with her parents and sister claim their social media accounts were all hacked; an intrusion that the family claims continues today.

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“Now we’re all targets. Our entire family is being turned upside down by cyber-attacks,” claims Cathy, who says she worries that whoever is targeting the family may also have access to bank accounts, credit cards, and more.

Additionally, the family says this has all taken a toll on Taylor, who they claim started doing drugs, dating someone they disapprove of and is now homeless.

Is there help for Taylor and her family? Check here to find out where you can watch Thursday’s episode.

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Why Parents Claim Their Former Social Media Star Daughter Is Spinning Out Of Control