Suzanne and her ex-husband, Guy, along with Guy’s wife, Susan, claim their daughter, Erica’s boyfriend, Chris, has manipulated her into participating in a polyamorous relationship with another woman, named Charnell. They’re insisting Chris has “brainwashed” Erica into believing that he is going to save mankind.

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They also claim that Erica, Chris, and Charnell are homeless and that Chris is forcing the women to panhandle, using their children as “props.”

“I don’t think they recognize they’re putting the kids in danger,” says Suzanne.

“Seeing Chris post a video on Facebook, Chris is yelling like this while he’s holding the baby, ranting, and cursing,” claims Susan. “He has so much anger that it stressed me out and I can’t imagine how the children feel.” She says Erica is in need of an intervention.

“There is still part of Erica there. Hopefully, we can salvage that,” says Guy.

Erica says she wishes her family would stop being so closed-minded about Chris. Why does she say he’s teaching her how to be a better human?

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