In 2005, authorities removed 11 children from the home of Michael and Sharen Gravelle after law enforcement discovered that their adopted and foster kids, aged 1-14, were spending time confined in stacked cages surrounded by wire and wired with an alarm, and the home smelled of urine.

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At the time, the Gravelle’s reportedly said they built enclosures to protect their special needs children from themselves and each other – and they denied abusing them. In an interview with Good Morning America before their conviction, the parents insisted their kids were not kept in cages.

“They are full sized twin beds long enough for a 6-foot plus man to lie down,” Sharen said. “There are no locks. We didn’t even lock our house at night.”

"I built them specifically with the mattress in mind," Michael added.

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In the video above from Monday's episode of Dr. Phil, two of the Gravelle’s children, 18-year-old Simon and 19-year-old Abba respond to their adoptive parents' claims. And, they share their feelings about the Gravelles receiving a two-year prison sentence.

On Monday's episode, Simon and Abba are reunited with the man who reported the abuse which then helped with their rescue. Check here to see where you can watch the reunion.

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Teen Siblings Who Were Removed From Adoptive Parents Home Because Of Abuse Reunite After 10 Years