Exes Sherry and Todd say that their 8-year-old son’s behavior is “out of control.”

Sherry says she gets scared to spend time with her son. “I feel like he could snap at any time,” she says. “It’s just a nightmare. I’m living a life sentence, and it feels like it’s never going end.”

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Todd says he, too, is concerned about his son but says some of his behaviors are normal boy stuff. He says he blames his son’s actions on the medication he takes that his mother had prescribed for him. “Sherry had our son put on medication at a very young age. She believes that keeping our son on these prescription drugs is the only way to control him,” Todd says. “I believe that my son’s future could be in jeopardy because of some of his mother’s unnecessary actions. It seems to me lately that Sherry has just completely given up on our son.”

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The exes turn to Dr. Phil for help. When Dr. Phil reviews some of the extreme behaviors the little boy reportedly displays, including punching adults, harming animals and threatening his teacher, why does Todd appear to question the veracity of the claims? Does he think Sherry is lying?

Can Dr. Phil help these parents agree on a plan to help their son? Check here to see where you can watch Thursday's episode of Dr. Phil.

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8-Year-Old Accused Of Having ‘Out-Of-Control’ Behavior Talks About His Life