Christy’s parents say they are tired of supporting their adult daughter, who they say claim is lazy, a liar and a mooch.

“Christy is living in a duplex we purchased and she does not pay rent,” her mother, Charlotte, explains, adding that Christy has lived there for 10 years rent-free. According to Charlotte, Christy makes her mother take care of most of the maintenance and yard work.

“We’ve spent probably $145,000 on her … we live from paycheck to paycheck,” her mother adds. “It’s just unfair.”

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According to her family, Christy also drinks excessively and prefers partying over caring for her own children, and her parents have been raising Christy’s daughters for three-and-a-half years, as a result.

“Christy is definitely an alcoholic,” her mother claims. “She starts out in the morning and goes till night.”

“Many times, she’s just too drunk to really function. Her words are slurred and she can’t make a lot of sense,” her father, Dan, adds. “She’s just in bad shape.”

Christy admits she has a drinking problem, but denies the claim that she drinks all day every day, and says her family doesn’t understand her situation.

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“I’m the black sheep of the family. Everybody thinks that I’m a mess, this worthless person that does nothing and strives for nothing, and that’s certainly not the case,” she says. “My family refuses to understand my drinking and the struggles that I’ve been through.”

But now, her parents say enough is enough.

“I am really done with my daughter’s freeloading, drinking and irresponsible behavior,” her mother adds. “She needs to stop now.”

Watch the video above, as Christy’s mother reveals how many times she claims they’ve had to take Christy to the hospital due to her drinking.

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