Josh and Brenda’s infant daughter was taken from their home by Child Protective Services in the Spring of 2014 after Josh was accused of causing Shaken Baby Syndrome. He says he accidentally dropped her from his lap during a feeding.

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The couple adamantly denied the state’s allegation that Josh had abused their baby, however, he was convicted and sentenced to 12 months in prison, and both he and Brenda placed on the Michigan Central Registry for Child Abuse. When the couple first appeared on Dr. Phil , in 2015, they’d been fighting to reunite their family for a year.

On Wednesday’s Dr. Phil, Brenda and Josh say their daughter is a happy child who is both medically and developmentally normal. Josh, who says he was allowed to see his daughter just once – through glass – during his incarceration, is now home permanently with no restrictions prohibiting him from being with her.

“We’ve got a special bond – we love spending time together,” he says of his relationship with the two-year-old.

Maintaining Josh’s innocence, the couple - along with their supporters - has created the Torn Family Trust to educate the public and lobby for legislative changes to reform the processes that they claim are responsible for false allegations of Shaken Baby Syndrome.

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