Tracey and Jonathan have been married for five years and recently became first-time parents to triplets! And with this blessing, they say, comes a serious financial challenge.

“Diapers are absolutely one of the biggest expenses,” says Jonathan, adding, “We’re talking several hundred diapers a month.”

Tracey says, “A lot of times, we have to buy low-grade products because it’s within our price point.”

“Premium products don’t always mean the most expensive,” says Dr. Phil. His son, Jay, partnered with actors Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard to create Hello Bello, which provides premium, affordable, plant-based products for babies and toddlers.

Continuing, he says, “Their motto is parents shouldn’t have to choose between what’s best for their babies and their wallets.”

Hypoallergenic and soft, Hello Bello also has overnight diapers coming out soon that are more absorbent for better dryness at night.

You can’t have diapers without wipes, and Hello Bello has the best. More than 99 percent water

“They’re perfect for whatever gets on - or comes out of - your babies,” jokes Dr. Phil.

And for families on the go, Hello Bello has a backpack diaper bag with eight pockets and a built-in changing pad.

The whole Hello Bello product line is available in-store exclusively at Walmart. Or, order online at Hello to get free shipping on orders of $25 or more. Excerpt: A couple who recently became first-time parents to triplets learn that with Hello Bello, premium products for babies and toddlers don’t have to be expensive.