For years, Ashley has been posting social media photos of two adorable girls, whom she says are her twin daughters, Adaya and Kamberlin.

However, April and Nathan say there’s a big problem with Ashley’s photos – the girls in the photos are actually their twin daughters. In fact, April and Nathan claim Ashley has been “digitally kidnapping” their own twin daughters, digitally taking hundreds of their social media photos of their girls and reposting them on her pages as if she was their mother.

“She basically took my photos offline and made up a complete life of her as their mom, and has a story to go along with every single picture with my girls,” April says.

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On Wednesday’s Dr. Phil, in part one, Ashley described April and Nathan’s allegations as “bizarre,” and said she had never stolen any photos of their daughters.

“I have never even seen pictures of the children,” Ashley said on Wednesday’s show. “I have no idea why they think that.”

But, April and Nathan claim Ashley didn’t stop at just posting the photos on social media. They claim she also had put pictures of their own daughters, who are now 4, all over her house.

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Watch the video above as Dr. Phil uncovers photos from inside Ashley’s home, which clearly show April and Nathan’s daughters in picture frames around her house. How does Ashley respond when confronted with this fact?

This episode airs Thursday. Check here to see where you can watch.