Vanessa and David say their 12-year-old son, Connor, is hooked on vaping. The couple claims that Connor lies, steals, and manipulates to get his hands on vapes.

“It’s really gotten out of hand. Even our local stores are selling them to teens,” says Vanessa.

David says, “We’re just trying to figure out a way to keep the kid getting ahold of it. It’s too readily available for him.”

The couple says they’ve started homeschooling their son to keep the peer pressure at bay and have stripped Connor’s room down to nothing but a mattress and bedsheet – but is that going to stop him from doing what he wants?

This episode of Dr. Phil, “Flavor Chasing: The Teen Vaping Crisis,” airs Thursday. And later, when Vanessa admits she also vapes, what is Dr. Phil’s response?

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