Bobby and Renna say their son, Cameron, was an all-star athlete, homecoming king, and local hero in their small town. But they say that changed when injuries destroyed his athletic career. He had to undergo numerous surgeries and was prescribed pain pills – which led to an addiction.

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“Now, Cameron is addicted to heroin, hydrocodone, Xanax, Clozapine,” Renna says.

Cameron has been arrested seven times, wrecked his car and his mother’s car, and Bobby says he has driven under the influence. Renna adds that Cameron and his friends have stolen phones and power tools and pawned them.

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“I’m sleeping with Xanax and money in my bra, and the keys in my pillowcase, so my son won’t take off,” Renna says.  “A few months ago, he drilled into my safe to get medication, money, my ring. I told him, ‘I’m done, Cameron. Get out of my house.’”
In the video above, hear about the medical issues Cameron has suffered as a result of drug use, and what happened that caused him to need heart surgery to save his life. And, hear how Cameron’s drug addiction has affected his parents’ 30-year marriage.
On Wednesday’s episode of Dr. Phil, meet Cameron and see what a day in his life is like. And, hear how Renna could be contributing to the death of her son. Check here to see where you can watch.