Harv and Lynne say their 41-year-old son, Mark, is an adolescent living in an adult man’s body. They say Mark can’t support himself, is currently living in his car in a big box store parking lot, and was a driver for a rideshare program until he got into multiple accidents and his car suffered damage.

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“We have been helping Mark. We helped him pay off two of his credit cards, phone bills, electrical bills, attorney fees. We’ve given him several cars,” says Lynne, who admits they’ve given Mark about $40,000 in the last 20 years. “I used to send Mark care packages with food and cookies, but now, there’s no address to send it to.”

Harv says, “My wife and I have different opinions about helping Mark. I’m more of a hardliner. He knows that Mom is the money tree.”

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The parents, who say they don’t believe Mark is living to his potential, say they worry about their son’s safety and well-being.

In the video above, hear more from this family, including what they think may be driving Mark’s behavior. And on Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, hear how Dr. Phil suggests Mark start to get his life back on track. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Mom Admits To Enabling 41-Year-Old Son Who Is Living In His Car