“I truly believe my son, Billy, will be a superstar one day. But, I am tired of paying for Billy’s career,” says Michelle.

“Billy’s so entitled he doesn’t even think about it,” says Tom, Michelle’s husband and Billy’s father. “He expects us to just give him whatever he needs. Dealing with Billy is like dealing with a toddler.”

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The parents say they have spent between $70,000 and $80,000 on 20-year-old Billy’s aspiring rap career, plus pay for his cell phone, utilities, rent, and food – and it’s time he steps up and starts supporting himself.

“We want Billy to make a plan for his music career, set that goal and actually follow through,” Michelle says.

Billy, who says he believes he is a “completely unique and raw talent,” says he spends his days studying videos and tutorials on how to “live more like a vibrant artist.”

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“I don’t expect my parents to support me, but I do think that as my parents, they are a little bit responsible for me,” the young man says. “My dad is ignorant about the music industry. He doesn’t understand how long it takes to be successful. “

Turning to Dr. Phil for help, Tom says, “Even if Billy signs with a major label tomorrow, he’ll just sabotage himself and ruin it all. In my opinion, right now, Billy’s just a failure in life.”

Could Michelle and Tom be part of Billy’s problems? Check here to see where you can watch Thursday’s episode.

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Father Apologizes To His Estranged Son

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Father Apologizes To His Estranged Son