Donna and Len say they are estranged from their 29-year-old son Brandon. They say the college-educated young man moved to Los Angeles four months ago to pursue his dream of becoming a rock star, and that he blames them for not supporting him.

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“My son Brandon is totally filled with rage,” Donna says. “Brandon feels like we have to support him for everything. It’s almost like he’s mad at us because he doesn’t have a trust fund.”

“He has these delusions of grandeur where, ‘I’m just going to be this rock star. I’m going to make all these millions of dollars,’” Len says. “And we used to tell him, ‘You have to work. You can’t just drum.’”

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Brandon is also on the run from the law, and there is a federal warrant out for his arrest.

“His federal warrant is for a violation of probation. The probation was given due to a drug arrest at a border patrol in New Mexico,” Donna says.

According to Len, Brandon refused to stop at a border patrol checkpoint and federal authorities pursued him and his wife, Chloe, for 29 miles because they wouldn’t pull over.

“They busted out his window because he wouldn’t get out of the car. They did throw him on the ground because he was combative,” Donna says.

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Brandon was arrested for possession of marigold seeds which, according to Len, are considered to be a class 3 drug.

“One day, you can see him just as normal as I remember him every day. And then the next minute it becomes vicious and volatile,” Len says.

“We don’t know where we went wrong,” Donna says. “I have one last shot here and let me see if Dr. Phil can do anything, so that I can lay down and sleep and know that the police officer from L.A. is not going to call me and say my son is dead.”

On Friday’s episode, hear why Donna and Len say they also blame Chloe for Brandon’s situation. And, can Dr. Phil help reunite this family? Check here to see where you can watch.

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