Nancy and Lance say that their daughter, Paige, just hasn’t been the same since she lost her second child unexpectedly in 2017 only 20 weeks into her pregnancy. The couple says Paige has gone from being a great mom to her nearly 2-year-old little girl to abandoning her child to live in a car with her girlfriend.

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“I believe the things that we’re seeing are just coping mechanisms for the pain that she just really hasn’t addressed yet,” says Lance.

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“I haven’t talked much about it,” says Paige.

“Sometimes those kinds of experiences can cause people to go through life in kind of a protective sort of way where they just withdraw their feelings and not let themselves be vulnerable or exposed a whole lot because it’s just safer,” says Dr. Phil.

When he asks Paige if she’s ever really grieved the loss of her baby, how does she respond?

Plus, Lance and Nancy say they’re convinced Paige has been using and selling drugs, which she vehemently denies. Watch the video above to find out the results of her drug test.

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