Chase, 19, says he dropped out of college after having a severe panic attack when he tried marijuana one time, 14 months ago. Since moving back home, his parents, Amy and Chris, say he has been hospitalized eight times, disrespects them, has become physically aggressive with family members, and even choked his psychiatrist.

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After they kicked Chase out of the house, Amy says Chase attacked them on social media. “He took a picture of my husband and he put on social media underneath it that this is the chief of police of the town we live in, and that his controlling bitch wife kicked out their mentally ill son. And for everybody to give a big '[expletive] you' to them.”

“I do not regret the posts that I have posted,” says Chase. “I sent that out because I felt like they deserved it.”

On Tuesday’s episode, Dr. Phil talks to Chase and his family about the differences between “The irresistible impulse, and the impulse not resisted.”

Does Chase continue to defend his behaviors? Check here to find out where you can watch.

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