Sue and Mike say they are at odds with their daughter Lindsay and her husband, Billy. The parents claim they’ve seen a change in Lindsay’s behavior and blame Billy.

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“Billy has only negatively affected Lindsay’s life,” Sue claims. “I don’t even recognize her anymore.”

Mike claims, “I did not like Billy from the first time I met him. He’s a manipulator and a narcissist.”

Sue says that Billy’s behavior concerns her. “My daughter has picked up his bad habits. She screams at me, tells me to get the [expletive] out of her house.”

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Lindsay, however, says Billy has been a great influence on her life. “He’s helped me develop into a stronger person, and I don't think my parents like that,” she says.

Billy adds, “What bugs my in-laws the most about me is my confidence, that I stand up for myself, and the fact that they’re insecure and they know it.”

Lindsay claims her parents treat her like the black sheep of the family. She says they have helped her older sisters open a franchise of their successful family business, but when she asked to be part of the pet supply company, they only gave her a tiny store with no support.

“We’ve given them jobs with the family business. It always backfires,” Sue claims.

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