Bill and Jen claim their teenage daughters; 18-year-old Emma and 16-year-old Meredith are “out of control.”

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The parents, who also have two younger children living at home, say their daughters’ behaviors include physical violence, joyriding, drinking, drug use, stealing from family members and shoplifting.

“Emma and Meredith are both addicted to smoking weed,” claims Bill. “At her worst, Meredith is cruel, vicious and deceptive,” he continues.

“At her worst, Emma is an aggressive, manipulative cornered animal” claims Jen.

The couple says they’ve lost control of their girls, and it’s Emma and Meredith who have all the power over them.

“We try to discipline them. They just gang up on us and fight back,” says Jen.

Tune in to part one of this two-part Dr. Phil on Wednesday when Emma claims it’s not her and her sister – but their parents who are the problem.

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