When Tracey and Jonathan first appeared on Dr. Phil, their triplets were just babies. Going from a family of 2 to 5 on one income had them in a diaper dilemma. Fortunately, Dr. Phil and Hello Bello were able to help them out with a year’s supply of diapers and wipes!

The triplets are now almost 3-years-old, and like most toddlers, they’re on the move! Tracy and Jonathan say their kids enjoy the outdoors – which is a great way to burn off energy – but all that time in the sun has them looking for an effective and affordable sunscreen.

“When buying sunscreen times three for three different skin types, it’s really difficult to stay within budget,” says Jonathan.

Lifestyle expert and Hello Bello spokesperson Brandi Milloy says Hello Bello just expanded their line of sunscreen products that are both affordable – and suitable for the whole family.

“They all provide broad-spectrum protection using one simple ingredient: non-nano zinc oxide, so it’s safe and effective,” says Brandi. “And all of the sunscreens in the Hello Bello sunscreen assortment are hypoallergenic. They’re made for any skin type, and they’re made without chemicals linked to skin irritation.”

Hello Bello sunscreen comes in spray, stick, and lotion. The entire line is available at Walmart and online at hellobello.com.

Hello Bello is owned in part by Jay McGraw.