Oggie and Shelly live in a four-bedroom home with their four children. The couple, who has been married for 11 years, says they haven’t slept in the same bed in over three years and rarely have the opportunity for intimacy because their kids refuse to sleep in their own rooms.

“You tell them to go to bed, and they’re like, ‘OK,’ and they go grab their blankets, and they come back,” says Shelly.

Oggie, who describes the household as being in “chaos,” says that three of their children sleep in the living room while the fourth insists on sleeping in the master bedroom with him. Shelly acknowledges that she also sleeps in the living room, in a recliner, due to ongoing issues with her neck.

Tune in to Wednesday’s episode, “Parenting Dilemma; Good Cop Dad vs. Bad Cop Mom,” to hear what Dr. Phil tells Shelly and Oggie they’ll need to do to restore order to their home.

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Teen Claims Dad Treats Younger Sister ‘Like A Queen’

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Playing Teen Claims Dad Treats Younger Sister ‘Like A Queen’